Torch now has an official Game server!

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About the server

This Server is a PVP/PVE focused server where on earth and its moon your neighbours are your friends against the NPC's but in space... they are your foes. While IMBER and PARRALAX wage war againt eachother what will you do?

The map is a regular star system with earth and its atmosphere (+10km) and its moon (+2km) are pvp prohibited zones although if you are caught fighting or taking over a NPC's ship or base, other players are free to "counter" and battle you for victory, claiming your ship as spoils. The politics are volitle and the war is ever present, because of this it is possible that in the time ahead, earth may become an unsuitable space to stay peaceful, therefore a move to a new neutral planet may be required.

Server Specs

Processor: Ryzen 7 3800X @ 4.3ghz
Memory: 32GB DDR4
Location: UK

How to support theTorchAPI Project!

TorchAPI is a community driven project, and as such we rely on the community to help us keep its infrastructure and to help us develop it further. If you would like to help out, you can do so by donating via Patreon or by contributing to the Project over at GitHub.