Name Author Description Cumulative Downloads
Essentials Essentials Torch Offical plugin that adds many utilities and chat commands to dedicated servers. ##Links [Wiki]( 47484
CrunchUtils CrunchUtils Crunch Some useful commands for admins and players config stuff <NobodyPatch>true</NobodyPatch> - prevents blocks owned by nobody from being turned on <ShowFactionTagsOnDamageGrid 26237
BlockLimiter BlockLimiter N1Ran #BlockLimiter ####This allows to add a block limits with options per faction, grid, and players.  ### Config [![Config](]( 26032
SEDiscordBridge SEDiscordBridge Bishbash777 ![Logo]( ## SEDiscordBridge A Torch plugin that allows you to connect a SE Server to specific channels on Discord. ### Ch 20279
Concealment Concealment Torch Dynamically pauses grids ingame to improve sim speed. Has options for distance from players, active production blocks, and presence of certain blocks to control whether a grid is concealed or not. <br 16389
Profiler Profiler Torch Commands for exploring causes of lag. 14715
Quantum Hangar Quantum Hangar Casimir **This plugin creates a server-side hangar for your grids. (Grid Garage)** Players can save and load grids from their hangar. These grids are saved to file on the server itself. You can also setup 12455
Nexus (Server Sectoring & DataSync) Nexus (Server Sectoring & DataSync) Casimir **This plugin syncs all data cross servers and partitions worlds into multiple "Sectors"** Jumping between sectors is solely based on your position in the world. There are no jump gates. Everything i 11855
ALE PCU Transferrer ALE PCU Transferrer LordTylus ### Introduction For administrators its a tedious job to paste grids in once CLANG demanded a new sacrifice to be given. But to do that you have to paste the grid from workshop, or maybe even fro 11404
ALE ShipFixer ALE ShipFixer LordTylus ### Introduction Every now and then Grids on the server seem to be bugged. So that they wont move any more, cannot be stopped, rotated or accelerated. This Plugin tries to deal with the situationa 10937
NationsPlugin NationsPlugin Crunch This shit is old, go use alliances 8151
ALE Grid Backup ALE Grid Backup LordTylus ### Introduction As a servers administrator you probably have to deal with player complaints about grids being broken/deleted due to a bug. With the ALE Ownership Logger you can see if you find any 7286
HaE PBLimiter HaE PBLimiter Torch Profiles Programmable Blocks's and damages them when their runtime goes over a set value to reduce lag. Players **NEED** to hit recompile on a pb after it being broken for it to work again. # Im 5536
ALE Grid Broadcaster ALE Grid Broadcaster LordTylus ### Introduction If you are running a PVP server you may or may not need a bunch of Mods in order for players to find each other. Especially when planets are in the world you cannot really limit the 5424
ALE Ownership Logger ALE Ownership Logger LordTylus ### Introduction If you have a server that prohibits PVP or otherwise Griefing you may find yourself in the position where you cannot really track who did or did not do something on a grid. There 4572
ALE Restart Watchdog ALE Restart Watchdog LordTylus ### Introduction Monitors the shutdown process of the Server. If the shutdown takes too long to complete it will hard-kill it and restart the server after that. This allows to get past the restar 4525
NPCFactionFixer NPCFactionFixer N1Ran Just kicks players out of NPC Faction. Request further feature if you want this plugin to do more. ####Support Me [![Donate](](https://www. 4103
Rewards Rewards Foogs(▰˘◡˘▰) ## Torch plugin for delivery in-game rewards for vote on site. ### Plugin first release date: 07.11.18 ###(2021) - Still works good ### History: Im played Minecraft before SE. So, it is. ### Features 4063
Multigrid Projector Multigrid Projector Viktor Server side companion for the [Multigrid Projector]( client plugin. Allows for projecting and welding blueprints of multiple subgri 4055
ALE RespawnFix ALE RespawnFix LordTylus ### Introduction Many of you surely have noticed that the new optimal spawn feature ingame is not that well implemented, as players seem to randomly spawn close to players which have no relation to t 3361
Torch Economy.Markets Torch Economy.Markets Torch **Be sure to add 1772298664 to your server mod list and add a 0 to the front of the torch economy main filename to make sure it loads first.** **If you don't do this, the plugin will not work.** 3329
DisableProjectedBlocks DisableProjectedBlocks N1Ran Plugin with option to turn off projected blocks, clear scripts from projected programmable blocks, counter PCU increase and a way to keep specific blocks from being projected. Now has ability to kee 3164
Torch Economy Torch Economy Torch # What is TorchEconomy? Torch Economy is a collection of economy plugins for the Torch API that provides an extra layer of gameplay for Space Engineers. It is based heavily on (and makes use of) Fr 3094
n3bOptimizations n3bOptimizations Torch This plugin will introduce series of improvements with a main goal to work along with client plugin to improve multiplayer experience. 2892
MiningPlugin MiningPlugin Torch Makes mining harder, better, faster, stronger. Vanilla ship drills are limited to cutting the voxel every 90 ticks. This plugin allows you to reduce the cooldown to anywhere between 10 and 90 ticks 2837
HaE Hamtweaks Torch HaE Hamtweaks Torch Torch Optimizes a few things: ## General ## Optimizations - UpdateMassFromInventories: patched to only update once per second - UpdateSounds: On a few blocks disables the updating of sounds (since y 2832
ALE Rotorgun Detector ALE Rotorgun Detector LordTylus ### Introduction Seems like rotor guns are popular now and everyone wants to have them. Players seem to be a bit unhappy with its existence so I created a small plugin that basically allows you to 2790
FactionPaint FactionPaint Torch A small plugin that allows players to paint blocks that are owned by their faction members, themselves, or nobody. Source: 2680
ALE DeleteTracker ALE DeleteTracker LordTylus ### Introduction At times you wonder if and why a grid vanished from your server. This basically is what this plugin allows you to track. The Original DeleteTracker was created by rexxar for patre 2604
Torch Backup System Torch Backup System Torch Easy to use backup system for torch. # Images ![img]( # Links [Github]( 2564
ALE Grid Exporter ALE Grid Exporter LordTylus ### Introduction Sometimes you just need a copy of a grid you can either use in Single player, or you want to use for later paste. This is what this plugin offers. Using the commands below you c 2461
PVEServerPlugin PVEServerPlugin N1Ran This plugin is designed to keep players from damaging each other's grid. Only NPC grids can be damaged by players and vice versa. ####Support Me [![Donate]( 2447
Admin Logger Admin Logger Casimir That's right. You are here if you don't trust your admins and want to be a supreme server owner. Word of advice, if you don't trust your admins, maybe they shouldn't be admins. But hey what do I kno 2440
ALE PlayerStats ALE PlayerStats LordTylus ### Introduction Often I found myself in the position to have a quick overview of players of a certain faction. Like their Entity-IDs or Steam-IDs as well as the date the server last had contact with 2396
DeathCounter DeathCounter N1Ran Shows kill feed in chat and a command to see death counts for each player since start (usable by all players). `!death count` ####Support Me [![Donate]( 2311
Wormhole Wormhole Torch New update for help see discord will update description when the guy is on to type it up know commands might give errors until you update configs to new version new version is needed to prep for fa 2036
LagGridBroadcaster LagGridBroadcaster Torch # LagGridBroadcaster A [Torch]( plugin that can broadcast most lag grid to all players(add gps to player). Torch link: 1937
AssemblerDequeue AssemblerDequeue N1Ran Empties assembler queues if assembler stops producing for more than 10sec. ####Support Me [![Donate](]( [![BuyM 1830
Conveyor Optimizer Conveyor Optimizer Viktor ## Description The [Conveyor Optimizer]( plugin attempts to reduce the overhead imposed by repeated failing pull requests "spamming" the convey 1587
ALE DeathLocationFix ALE DeathLocationFix LordTylus ###Introduction This Plugin fixes an Exploit where players with a modified client can get the Death location of every other player on the server. Which gives them an unfair advantage over players t 1584
PlayerGrace PlayerGrace Torch # Space Engineers PlayerGrace (SE-PlayerGrace) A simple plugin that sets players LastLoginTime to the current date. That way players and grids wont be deleted from the "!identity purge" command 1564
Performance Improvements Performance Improvements Viktor Please see 1511
VoxelDefender VoxelDefender Torch Protects voxels from damage by explosions or grid collision. 1424
Torch Monitor Torch Monitor ryo Data provider plugin for Torch Monitor toolset. See 1350
GridSplitNameKeeper GridSplitNameKeeper N1Ran Retains the name of the original grid and adds a digit base on how many grid already exist with that name on the server. If multiple splits occurred from same grid at the same time, the name might b 1309
StaticMarker StaticMarker Torch Define custom GPS markers in a file, which will be send to the player on join or via command. 1251
GlobalMarket GlobalMarket Torch # GlobalMarket A [Torch]( plugin that let players sell and buy items to and from market via command. Torch link: 1151
Floating Objects Floating Objects zznty Be a god of floating items! Reduce lags on your server. Plugin provides simple options: + Disable Ejection - Disables ejection of items into the world by connector/ejector. Now if throw out is e 1023
InfluxDB Integration InfluxDB Integration ryo InfluxDB connector for Torch. [GitHub]( 988
N1ShittyCommands N1ShittyCommands N1Ran <p>This plugin consist of more commands that makes running a server an ease. There are more commands being added base on suggestions discussed on Torch discord.<br /></p> <h3>Commands</h3> <h4>Admin 987
ALE GPS Roulette ALE GPS Roulette LordTylus ### Introduction Currently space credits and the economy system itself don't really have a use on many servers. And equally many have issues where PVP is not really a thing although they advertise it 976
Tebex Server Donations Tebex Server Donations Torch Tebex (formally known as Buycraft) is a leading server donation / monetization platform. We've been around for 7 years now, initially focused on the Minecraft industry, but over the past year we've br 919
SKO-Bounty SKO-Bounty Torch ## Description A Bounty System for players. Add bounty contracts for players and let others hunt them! This plugin will get new features soon and make features configurable for servers so admins can 900
Utilities Utilities Torch Someone asked me to make a Utilities plugin so here it is will add many new features later 880
Torch Alert Torch Alert zznty Rust's "Raid Alert" but in Space Engineers (and Discord). Discord bot will send DM to offline players whenever their grids are in danger. For guides and tutorials see [GitHub](https://github.c 850
ProjectorFilter ProjectorFilter Torch Filters blueprints sent to projectors. Modded blocks will be removed from any new projection. 834
AlliancesPlugin AlliancesPlugin Crunch Alliance plugin for alliances 768
SKO-GridPCULimiter SKO-GridPCULimiter Torch ## Description A PCU limiter for Grids. Allows you to configure the max PCU for grids on your server. It also provides you options for allowing or disallowing Projections and Merges if the max PCU th 720
Auto Moderator Auto Moderator ryo READ THE MANUAL FIRST: 688
LightningManager LightningManager Torch ## Torch Plugin # Lightning Manager With this plugin is possible to change some lightning properties like damage and interval between lightnings (random, player and grid). After you start Tor 614
SKO-PingWatch SKO-PingWatch Torch ## Description If you want to handle high pings on your server, this is the right plugin for you. You can configure the max allowed average ping within the specified time window using number of probe 521
SafeZone SafeZone Torch # safezone-torch-plugin Protects grids near a large ship or station using a Safe Zone block ## How to use 1. Place the zip into the `Plugins` folder of Torch 2. When starting Torch the first 521
DePatch DePatch Dorimanx DePatch Tool is created to add more features and player protections, many optimizations and needed solutions for our servers, but we like to share it. Code is Open Source! This plugin has many feat 518
ServerMonitor ServerMonitor Torch A torch plugin aimed to provide interactive web-based monitor for players 506
CrunchEconomy CrunchEconomy Crunch FULL SETUP GUIDES IN DISCORD !crunchecon generatefromgrid stationName cargoName true - Makes a station file with the new configs for the stores !crunchecon generatefro 505
ServerSync ServerSync Bishbash777 Allow your servers to connect with eachother, share chat, share plugin/mod configs. Basic guide: - Only 1 master is allowed per a network! (the "Is Master?" checkbox) - The port HAS to be speci 489
Crunch Space Trucking Crunch Space Trucking Crunch Donate here Requires a MySQL database, might give it a config option in the future to not require one. Database allows it to work across instances wit 483
PB Block Access Fix PB Block Access Fix Torch This plugin fixes incorrect behavior with programmable block ownership that can allow them to access blocks that aren't shared with them. 480
HydrogenStores HydrogenStores Crunch Plugin to allow players to sell hydrogen from their tanks to player tanks using a store block. also does oxygen and plasma Source https://git 474
ShittyFactionPlugin ShittyFactionPlugin N1Ran A work in progress plugin to add extra server features to factions. Currently working: Limiter - Limits the faction size to set number. Work In Progress: Auto Assign - Finds a non-NPC faction that i 474
Torch Search Torch Search ryo Searching commands in Torch has never been this easy. Just type !sc &lt;keyword(s)&gt;. 405
Optional Progression Optional Progression Torch Temp description requested plugin gives player's the power to skip and reset research progression commands: !skipprogression !resetprogression 324
Shipyard Shipyard Crunch No longer maintained, better version in the alliance plugin 323
AntiCheat-DORI AntiCheat-DORI Dorimanx This Plugin, created long time ago to stop players from trying to use known exploits, or use hack plugins to hack and disrupt game play for other players. This plugin is encrypted, source code is pri 312
Koth-Plugin Koth-Plugin Torch Plugin produced by Tails and SpaceChemist. for information on using plugin see the git. Functional Koth plugin giving webpage, API, Discord WebHoo 312
SKO-Tweaks SKO-Tweaks Torch ## Description A plugin for in-game tweaks and fixes. Planning to add more features later. **IMPORTANT**: If Torch breaks and you've updated the plugin, please remove the SKO-Tweaks.cfg file and rest 302
Lotto Plugin Lotto Plugin Torch # LottoPlugin A Torch plugin for play Lotto in Space Engineers ## Github [![Wiki](]( [![Commands](ht 268
Kits Kits zznty Make configurable kits for player (like what minecraft has). You can: + Add cooldown + Add space credits cost + Make kit appearing in respawn pods + Make kit only for specific permission rol 257
CrunchRadar CrunchRadar Crunch Hasnt been updated for a while, i doubt it still works This plugin sends GPS signals to all players for grids that they are within the configured range of, for example with the default config, a gr 253
Link Steam Discord Link Steam Discord StalkR # Space Engineers: Link Steam & Discord A [Torch][torch] server plugin and associated backend for [Space Engineers][space-engineers], offering players the ability to link their Steam & Discord to 244
Referral-Plugin Referral-Plugin Torch This plugin was produced by Tails and SpaceChemist Allows server admins to reward players for referring other players as well as offer server referrals and promotional rewards via customizable code 225
Hosting Hosting Viktor # Hosting Torch plugin useful for server hosting and maintenance. [GitHub]( ## Features - Writes the current timestamp in ISO standard format 214
SWQX_TurretTargettingFix SWQX_TurretTargettingFix SWQXDBA3077 In the server, the turrets are often unresponsive and need to be activated by shooting them once manually. This problem has become very frequent in the current version ## This plugin is used to fi 183
Daily Needs Nexus Daily Needs Nexus StalkR # Daily Needs Nexus Synchronize the mod [Daily Needs Survival Kit (DNSK)][0] values (hunger, thirst, fatigue) across multiple sectors managed by the [Nexus][1] plugin. [Source code][2] [0]: 179
RoleAuthenticator RoleAuthenticator Bishbash777 Run a patreon/private server? This plugin allows you to restrict what players are allowed to connect dependent on what roles they have in your discord server No rank - No entry. Supports multiple 158
dotTrace Connector dotTrace Connector ryo Adds a command to run dotTrace on the game runtime. __**NOTE**__ Viewing the output file requires a [payware from JetBrains]( For more info, see [GitHub repo 136
ALE-StrongUnknownSignalLogger ALE-StrongUnknownSignalLogger LordTylus ### Introduction Strong unknown signals are a way to find in the depths of space. However they also grant an excuse to players that use modified client and other hacks to find people, using those sig 111
FriendPlugin FriendPlugin Crunch !friend requests - view requests.  !friend add factionTag - send a request to add as friend. !friend accept number - accept the request with that number. 110
LightPerms LightPerms zznty Light plugin to add permission system (like minecraft's PermissionEx or LuckPerms) to your server. In this plugins all permissions can be wildcards and belongs to groups By default plugin crea 103
LightPerms.Discord LightPerms.Discord zznty Add-on for [LightPerms]( plugin to automatically assign groups based on discord role # Setup a bot if you already have a bo 101
ALE-ConnectionLog ALE-ConnectionLog LordTylus Log Login and Logout dates and Data like PCU Faction Blocks etc. for Players and allows to use commands to read them ingame or via discord bridge. Commands: - !connectlog admin save - Manually 96
PrivatizeSpamMessage PrivatizeSpamMessage Pas2704 # PrivatizeSpamMessage Does exactly what the name implies, sends spam notifications to the offending player instead of the entire server. For example: ![Alt text]( 89
GravityBlockDisable GravityBlockDisable Crunch Currently untested, gives a config to allow any functional block to be disabled if it is not inside natural gravity 89
Reduced ScriptManager (Whitelister) Reduced ScriptManager (Whitelister) Bishbash777 A fixed and ammended version of [TorchScriptManager]( that allows the admin to manually whitelist scripts they want to allow to be ran on programmab 86
ALE DontShareProgression ALE DontShareProgression LordTylus ### Introduction In some scenarios it is not wanted, that faction mambers can share their research with other faction members. This plugin removes this function. Players can still press the button 85
NexusBlockDisabler NexusBlockDisabler Crunch Turns off configured blocks before nexus transition, useful for frameshift drive mod 81
BankPlugin BankPlugin Crunch Simple plugin for multi server setups that dont use Nexus and want to make transferring credits across servers easier. To work across servers, point the config to a shared network folder. Database sup 81
SWQX_ComandTransfer SWQX_ComandTransfer SWQXDBA3077 A Torch plugin for converting commands. Sometimes we want to set some shortcut instructions. For exampleuse"!lh", instead of "!longhelp" or use "!h load" instead of "!hanger load" (in the Quantu 80
Torch Remote Torch Remote zznty Adds rest api for configuring torch ### Clients Currently client app is under development ### Bearer Token Authtorization token is located in config `Instance\TorchRemote.cfg` ### Troublesh 78
FactionRepSync FactionRepSync OwendB This plugin makes sure that your reputation towards a certain faction stays the same as your own faction's reputation towards that faction. This is to resolve some issues with players having reputatio 75
TargetingFix TargetingFix zznty # DEPRECATED 70
ALE-NoRaycast ALE-NoRaycast LordTylus This plugin adds the camera APIs for raycasting serverside to the black list. Causing to still have PBs enabled. But aim bots like Lidar are nolonger functional. Note: This is an alternative if you 64
PlayerProductionUpgrades PlayerProductionUpgrades Crunch I havent tested this at all. Required for alliance production buffs. Has configs for buyable upgrades that take items or money or both. Refinery Yield, speed, assembler speed. Has configs 57
GlobalGPS GlobalGPS Bishbash777 # GlobalGPS (Private) This plugin allows the moderators of an SE server to add in "GlobalGPS" points for all who join the server to see instantaniously... These gps points are reloaded into the use 56
LightPerms.TorchCommands LightPerms.TorchCommands zznty Add-on for [LightPerms]( plugin to have better control over commands permissions. ### Usage All existing torch commands are 56
Grid Transporter Grid Transporter rusmig29 GridTransporter built by Casimir, within is a fork of GridTransporter. GridTransporter was built for connecting Torch instance to Torch instance without Nexus. This fork goes one step beyond and 50
RabbitMQPlugin RabbitMQPlugin Crunch Work in progress plugin that can send and receive Json messages between servers Examples of how to use 48
CrunchDistressSignals CrunchDistressSignals Crunch Currently Requires, will be adding some checks to still work without it distress groups send to discord requires the allia 46
Long Sync Long Sync Klime Uncaps sync and view distance for server Usage: - Modify the Sync Distance or View Distance either through the Torch GUI or SpaceEngineers.cfg as normal. The usual 20km and 50km limits (respective 38
ALE Ban Notifier ALE Ban Notifier LordTylus Random plugin, unimportant for your eyes, move along 25
Jump Depleter Jump Depleter zznty 25
AutoStation AutoStation SentorX AutoStation Physics calculations on dynamic grids cost the server many times more than there station counterparts. Use this plugin convert inactive grids to station mode and help preserver simspee 25
ShipClassPlugin ShipClassPlugin Crunch Only really putting this here so its easier to update What it do If using SKO plugin, each class can have different maximum PCUs Increased/decreased damage per weapon for each class Incre 18
SenX-KOTH-Plugin SenX-KOTH-Plugin SentorX This plugin requires the KoTH mod to work: This is not a KoTH itself, only a helper plugin for the KoTH mod. This version contains 15
BlockLimiter: Point Sus Edition BlockLimiter: Point Sus Edition N1Ran Point System version of Blocklimiter requested by Rah 13
Space Cord Space Cord zznty ## DISCLAIMER ### This is a public test build of SpaceCord, please do not use it just yet on production. For planned features and/or misisng features see []( 11
CrunchSpaceEngineersChatResponses CrunchSpaceEngineersChatResponses Crunch Really shit simple chat bot that will reply to messages sent in game chat, no idea if it works with messages sent from other nexus sectors 11
TestPlugin TestPlugin Bishbash777 Test shhh 10
Scriptmanager (Steam download Support) Scriptmanager (Steam download Support) Bishbash777 A version of [Reduced Scriptmanager]( which has functionality to download a script directly from the workshop by using its ID 1